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Your Trusted Stucco Contractor!

From the start of your project, right to the very end, we emphasize the quality of our workmanship and guarantee professionalism from every member of our team. We understand the importance of the investment our clients undertake, when they entrust us with their Stucco Services in Ontario, and therefore we take every step necessary to ensure your pride in our finished product.

As with all Alfiri Stucco Services, your project will receive its own Stucco Contractor team. Each team is headed by a Project Manager and a Quality Assurance Coordinator to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Our workmanship is guaranteed, and our quality is unmatched.

Alfiri Stucco & Plaster

Residential Stucco Contracting

Having worked on various stucco projects across Ontario over the last 20 years, we have a vast experience working in homes, townhomes, high-rise and low-rise developments.

Our skills extend to the inside of your residence as well. If you are looking to add the look of a European villa to your home, then our ornamental plaster services are a perfect choice for your project. We are experts in: Venetian, Vaneer and many other Residential Plaster services. From your ceilings, walls, fireplaces and more, we are your stucco/plaster contractor of choice across Ontario.

Alfiri Stucco & Plaster
Alfiri Stucco & Plaster

Commercial Stucco Services

Our Industrial/Commercial Stucco Services come with our guarantee of quality work and professional experience, all while ensuring the safety of all employees around the worksite(s).

You may wonder why your industrial/commercial building would require a Commercial Stucco Contractor? As time passes by, many buildings become outdated and you may want to update the aesthetics of your building, both externally and internally. This is where a Commercial Stucco Contractor, such Alrifi Stucco, will help you attain the vision you have by introducing you to its industrial stucco services.

Alfiri Stucco & Plaster

Project Management & Quality Assurance

As with all Alfiri Industrial Stucco Services your project will receive its own Stucco Contractor team. Each team is headed by a Project Manager and a Quality Assurance Coordinator. Our Project Managers will be at your site to ensure that your project is being completed appropriately, in a timely manner, and that your needs are being met. Once our Stucco Contractor Team has completed the project, a member of our Quality Assurance team will be on-site to assess the work that has been completed and ensure it meets the highest standards as required by Alfiri Stucco.
Alfiri Stucco & Plaster