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Perfecting our stucco craft since 1999.

In our 20+ years of experience, we are honored to have served many individuals and businesses across Ontario, Canada. In each project, we have gained valuable experiences that have helped us perfect our workmanship, customer service, and ability to attract and build exceptional teams.

Alfiri Stucco was established in 1999 by Abaz Feta and Fahrije Feta. Their objective was to provide high quality workman-ship to ensure clients were happy, and slowly train and develop more team members – so that they can focus on expanding and growing their business. After 20 years, Alfiri Stucco has a loyal customer base with overall great customer satisfaction.

Our Process

Our account management team starts off by taking the time to thoroughly understand each project to ensure that your vision is properly communicated to our on-site stucco professionals. Our project management team then deploys the required personnel and always keeps our clients informed of updates so that timelines are properly met. After the project is completed, our quality assurance team inspects the finishes to ensure that we have provided the highest quality service.

At each project site, we prioritize to implement the highest safety standards so that our co-workers and clients are safe and happy while we help them bring their decorative vision to life.

Stucco Contracting Services

We specialize in providing high quality interior & exterior finishes for all your plastering & molding projects. Whether you are a homeowner, business, or a home builder, we would be honored to provide you a free consultation.